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The Annabelle Haunting

In this chilling episode, I dive into the infamous story of Annabelle. The antique Raggedy Ann doll that terrorized a pair of nurses in the 1970s. What began as a simple birthday gift quickly turned into a nightmare as the doll displayed sinister behavior. From weird movements to bloodstains and violent attacks, the spirit of Annabelle Higgins made her presence known in terrifying ways. Join me as I explore the dark history behind this case and the ultimate intervention by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Discover why this tale continues to captivate and horrify to this day.


Show Notes


  • The Gift


1970: Donna receives the antique Raggedy Ann doll as a birthday gift from her mother.

Donna and her roommate Angie, both nurses, place the doll in their apartment as a decoration.

Segment 2: Strange Happenings


The doll begins to move around the apartment on its own.

Initial small movements escalate to significant changes in position and location.

Creepy messages written on parchment paper appear, reading “Help Us” and “Help Lou.”


  • Blood and Fear


Donna finds the doll with what appears to be blood on its hands and chest.

Donna and Angie consult a medium and learn about the spirit of Annabelle Higgins, a young girl who died on the property.


  • Lou’s Nightmares


Lou, a friend of Donna and Angie, has a terrifying experience with the doll trying to strangle him in his sleep.

Lou's skepticism turns into fear after another encounter leaves him with mysterious claw marks.

Segment 5: Seeking Help


Donna contacts a priest who refers her to Ed and Lorraine Warren.

The Warrens conclude that the doll is being manipulated by a demonic presence, not the spirit of a young girl.


  • The Exorcism and Aftermath


The Warrens perform an exorcism and take the doll to their Occult Museum.

Despite being contained, the doll continues to exhibit malevolent behavior, causing accidents and instilling fear.




The Annabelle doll remains locked in a special case at the Warrens' Occult Museum.

Reminder of the warning to visitors: do not challenge the evil within the doll.

Closing thoughts on the impact and legacy of the Annabelle case.




Mention of the "Annabelle" films inspired by this case.

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